National WPS Manual for Trainers

Available now!  National WPS Manual for Trainers

The Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative (PERC) in conjunction with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is delighted to announce that printed copies of the “National Worker Protection Standard (WPS): A Manual for Trainers of Agricultural Workers and Pesticide Handlers” are now available for sale through the National Pesticide Safety Education Center (NPSEC). PERC is collaborating with the NPSEC to promote and market these manuals to help support pesticide safety education nationally.


Changes to the WPS recently made the previous manual obsolete. This updated manual is written in English and PERC plans to release a Spanish version in late fall 2017. Single copies are about $25.00 plus shipping. Bulk discounts are available.


Purchase printed copies of the manual here:


The purpose of this manual is to help trainers conduct effective training sessions to meet WPS training requirements. As of January 2, 2018, annual WPS training will be required for agricultural workers and pesticide handlers who work in outdoor and enclosed spaces, including farms, forests, nurseries, and greenhouses.


This manual for trainers includes:

  • An introduction to pesticides and pesticide safety and the federal pesticide regulations
  • A discussion of each of the specific points that is required in WPS training sessions
  • Valuable information to help trainers prepare for and conduct pesticide safety training, including training techniques and how to address various situations that may arise during training sessions


The manual is also available for download here free:


This manual was developed through a cooperative agreement between the EPA and the University of California Davis Extension, in cooperation with Oregon State University (cooperative agreement #X8-83616301). EPA personnel reviewed and contributed to each chapter/section of this manual. However, it is not a stand-alone training program for WPS trainers, nor does EPA require that you use this material to train trainers.


Remember that a Trainer must be a certified pesticide applicator or have completed an EPA approved Train the Trainer course and be EPA certified to provide training to workers and/or handlers.

Here is a link to an EPA Approved Train the Trainer course at Iowa State University.  It is free and takes 1-2 hours to complete.